Saturday, October 29, 2016


 Freddie is usually busy taking orders for his business-- Freddies Finds.  Click here: Freddies Finds
 He models hats for his company.
 I love this one!!
 But, he knows Halloween is coming, so he was thinking REALLY hard about what costume to wear.
 Does he want to be the green monster??
 Or a pink bunny rabbit.
 Is the Magical Unicorn the one?
 Or a sweet little bear.
 I think Raggedy Ann and Andy are great!    This are a throw back to my child hood!!
After after it's all over, I know he'll be taking a nap.   All that decision making is exhausting!

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LadyJicky said...

No wonder Freddie is tired ... so much work for such a sweet little Peke!!! LOL

Halloween is sort of getting big in Australia this year. Mmmm.... lets see on Monday.

Coco and I have a big old spider for the door and some gummie spiders to offer the kids if they come to our door on Monday. I think we will be sort of "weak spooky" but Coco and I are trying !