Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Bradley and Bentley came into rescue in August.  They are brothers (maybe not the same litter), but did not need to remain together.
 Bentley is a mellow boy.
 He adores his toys!
 He is a little shy at first... such soulful eyes.
 He had an application, so he came to me on his way to his new home.
 He was  a little unsure the first day.
 But, he settled in quickly.
 He liked hanging out on the porch and watching outside with Callie.
 He found squeaky balls and LOVED them!
 Any color would do.
 Bentley can jump tall buildings in a single bound.   He got on the breakfast table.  He jumped on the washing machine!
 He went with me to the Peke meeting in Richmond-- he thought riding in Sugar Bit's car seat was wonderful.
 He was a good boy at the meeting-- Magnolia and Amelia shared their toy basket with him.
 He thought it also made a good bed.
 And it was a good hiding place.
 He got "wise" to all my picture taking!
 Laura took him part way to his new home.  
 We thought he was doing well, but sadly, it was just not the right fit.  It happens.
 So, on Sunday, some of us were furiously messaging to try to get him back to my area to his foster mom, Sherry.   Ida, above, had a busy schedule, but she fit in helping.   Robin, bless her heart!!, went to get him Sunday evening and he spent the night with her and then met Ida in the morning.
 Bentley met Ida's crew before setting off for Richmond.
 Toni met her above Richmond and the next part of the journey began.
 He came back to my house and waited for his foster mom to come pick him up.   Look at that happy face!!   Bentley does have a loud "wail" and it just didn't work in the apartment setting he had gone to.  He just likes to talk!
He is in his foster home now-- and acts like he never left.   He is available for adoption and is a very sweet boy!   Thank you to our incredible volunteers, who all have busy lives, but who stepped up to make sure he got back to his foster home!   Robin, Ida, Toni-- you are just the best!   Laura, thank you for helping on his transport initially-- I really appreciate all the time you give!

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LadyJicky said...

You know Linda .... I think Bentley needs a backyard!
I am doing my Adoption Dance for sweet Bentley and a Garden to walk around!!!!!