Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 Kasey came into rescue in April.  He came from a rural shelter.  
 Oh, those eyes.   He is such a sweetheart!
 He had to have ACL surgery and was in an xpen for recovery.  He needed to not move around a  lot so that he could heal well.
 Oh, the trauma! :-)    I hate isolating a dog recovering (even if they are in the same room!), but sometimes, it is necessary.   (I think we foster parents suffer right along with them!)
 All the while, he was working himself into his foster daddy's heart.
 Kasey became very attached to him-- and it went both ways.   I think he's smiling here!
 He has a 13 (almost 14!) year old sister named Charley.
 And his brother is Melrose, also adopted from us.
 Kasey is one happy boy now that he has a forever home.
Foster failures happen-- I have four here!   I think Kasey and his dad are a perfect fit!   (His mom loves him, too-- but sometimes a Peke will choose his favorite person and Kasey has done just that!)

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LadyJicky said...

How could you pass up that super big snow white Peke !!!!!
So glad Kasey is staying put! LOL