Friday, October 21, 2016


 Shelby is one of Jeanne's fosters, but while Jeanne is getting treatment, Shelby is with Jeanne's vet and friends.   Shelby was SO proud of herself!  She climbed these stairs all by herself!
 I used this picture a few weeks ago, but just had to use it again.   Shelby is taking over the house and is Rich's lap dog.   They have King Charles Cavaliers, so Shelby is a bit different and definitely smaller.
 She has been wearing little shirts to keep her from itching, but having a vet as your daddy is a big plus!   He could watch every reaction to new things and has gotten her skin condition under control.   Yahoo!!  Skin issues can be SO difficult to deal with, not know if it's environmental or food related, or both.   (I have two allergy dogs here and it's a constant battle.)
He began using PhytoVetSil antiseptic shampoo and an anti microbial condition spray after her whey protein rinse.  (She is bathed every third day.)   Wow, can I go there!  Sounds like a spa treatment!  She also get Genta Spray Topical on stray itchy spots, but she almost never scratches now.   A little pred every other day has done the trick and is really helping her.   She has environmental allergies, and feels a lot better.    I know she misses Jeanne, but she can visit any time!    Thank you Charee and Rich for caring for these sweet girl!!  


LadyJicky said...

Oh that Shelby---- that girl is being spoilt rotten!!! LOL !!!!

Lost Earring said...

I love Shelby and it's no puzzle that she has captured yet another heart or two. Her skin condition improving is just great. I know she misses her Mommy but she's a trooper and she's making do as well as she can with the help of her great vet assistant Daddy.

Unknown said...

How Wonderful of her vet for taking care of Shelby. Like all of us that fell in love with her little face. Praying for Jeanne every day still as she fights this disease. I'm so glad he has Shelby's allergies under control.

Lizette said...

I'm Shelbys Grandma it made my heart so Happy to see her and to know she's doing well and is Loved and is being well cared for Thank you xoxo