Monday, October 24, 2016


A few weeks ago, I received a phone call.   Someone had given my number out and there was a Peke in need. (I do prefer that you ask my permission before doing this.) The owner had gone into a nursing home and a neighbor was taking care of the dog.  
When I heard she was black and white, I knew who to call.   A friend of mine had adopted Koko almost 2 years ago and Koko was later diagnosed with IMHA, which my Lexie also had.   After Koko died, her mom and dad missed her so much.    I called them about this little black and white Peke.
They immediately set up plans to get her the next day--
They brought her to visit on Friday and I was able to meet this small, curious, adorable, sweet, beautiful girl!!  
She got along with all mine-- tried to explore the yard and look in the window.
We sat on my porch and she observed the back yard-- squirrels are entertaining!  My Max thought she was a beauty!
Panda is a wonderful girl-- and she LOVES her new daddy!!   She took one leap and was in his lap!
I'm so glad our rescue could be the bridge for her to get to her new home!!   Welcome Panda!!


Lost Earring said...

What a beauty she is. I love all Pekes but my weakness is black Pekes and black and white Pekes sort of fall into that classification. My daughter had a black and white Peke who was a royal terror and his name was Toto.

Unknown said...

She is quite a girl. We are so happy to have her in our lives.

LadyJicky said...

I am so glad Panda could mend a broken heart as its great for everyone!
Panda gets a lovely new home and in a sad but positive way .... she will mend some hearts and make the grieving just a tiny bit better for her new family with their loss.