Friday, October 28, 2016


 Butterscotch came into rescue in June.  He takes a flying leap of excitement to be out of the shelter.
 He was timid and scared.
 Allie Marie tried to make him more comfortable.   I think they're really trying out for undercover work!  
 Butterscotch was afraid of the leash and the harness and had trust issues.  
Ida said he was "sad, untrusting, abused and malnourished."   What had he gone through?   He was learning what safety was about.  And he was in the right place to learn it.
 He was fine with the other dogs, and they gave him a lot of support-- Allie Marie watched over him. Ida said they "shared their toys with him so he wouldn't have to chase his tail so much."    
 He gained weight, learned that walks were fun, and he found that the walking trails were wonderful.
 His foster parents decided he needed to remain with them, in the place where he learned he was safe.  No more moves.
He is there with Allie Marie, and Jasper and Taz (his "brother's" dog who visits often).   They have changed his name to Percy and he has all the adventure and all the love he can handle.   Welcome Home, Percy!!


LadyJicky said...

Oh so happy for him!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely story of patience and love.