Thursday, October 6, 2016


 Theo came into rescue a year ago.  He came from a shelter in the western part of Virginia.
 He had a forlorn look and didn't feel well due to a bad bladder infection.   (Bladder issues in Pekes are so common-- it is part of my yearly tests done on all my dogs, along with bloodwork.)
 Theo came to Virginia Beach to foster with my friend, Toni.   She is so good!   She has had a lot of fosters, and has patience and love to help them.
 Theo met Daisy, one of Toni's Pekes.  
 Theo is a bit of a recluse, and likes to have his own space and an open crate where he can go to rest.   Every dog is different and if we are willing to listen to them, we will learn what they are saying to us.
After being with Toni almost a year, she decided he wasn't going anywhere.   He is home!   I'm so glad she has added him to her wonderful home.   Give him a hug for me!


LadyJicky said...

I can see why Toni adopted Theo ..... just look at that face and those longing eyes!!
So happy for him.

Toni Davis said...

Thank you Linda! I did give him a hug from you. Theo has added to our home in his way! We are blessed to have him!