Saturday, October 15, 2016


Georgia and her Pekes were walking on a calm beach before Hurricane Matthew decided to come further up the coast and hit us in Virginia.
The bay and ocean near us are usually fairly calm.  We love to go there.
 But, Hurricane Matthew changed the view a lot.
 I think King Neptune wanted to move further inland!
 The waves were high and they were coming further in.
 But, surfers are always willing to try a new wave.
 We headed out before it hit.   It was a planned visit-- Grandparents Day with my Bits.   We went to the Farm!   Granger, Pi, and Floyd were happy to be together.
 And most slept on the bed-- including one granddaughter.  You ask where I fit-- I asked the same question.  (My husband was on a trip, so he wasn't with us-- it would have been a tight fit!)
 Kai Kai loved it.  He had a huge fenced yard to roam in-- and he is getting braver about roaming.  (So proud of how he is adjusting to being blind.)
 Granger loves boxes now, so he hung out here some.  (He was adopted by my daughter and now is a Farm resident.)
 Floyd was happy to be on the bed at night-- all set!
 Matt was comfortable, too.
 Drill Bit showed me he could climb a tree.
 Pi and Max hung out together.  All eight dogs are great together-- no matter which house they are in.
 We went apple picking while I was there.   If a hurricane comes, just head inland for some fun!
 Drill Bit and....
 Lil Bit-- who is 13 now!-- helped pick great Stayman apples. I love those!
 But, then I had to come home-- to this.
 A tree fell across our street, bringing down electric and cable wires.   Don't touch it!  
 The crews who came out this past week to help us get power and internet/cable were so nice!
 It is all back to normal now.
 And Sugar Bit is happy-- of course, she was never unhappy about it.
Starlight is glad we're home, that all is normal, wherever that is!    Good-bye, Hurricane Matthew!


Lost Earring said...

Oh Gosh, I truly missed my daily Must Love Pekes and thoughts and prayers went up daily, I've been using up a lot of the Good Lord's time praying for so many miracles for so many people in our rescue world. My daughter who doesn't get on Facebook much always asks about so many of you since I'm always as up to date as possible with so many Peke people. I preface some of my remarks with her by referring to so many people as "The Yorkie crowd, The Peke Bunch or whatever individual breed or group I happen to be talking about.

So glad to have you back Linda.

LadyJicky said...

Wow .... that is a storm !