Monday, October 17, 2016


 I went to visit Joyful Grace on Thursday.   She was in an adorable, soft outfit-- perfect for our cooler weather.
 Festus keeps an eye on her to make sure she is fine.
 We took her outside and she has her own way of moving around.   Her spine will never be perfectly straight, but she gets around fine.  
 Bentley wanted to know where we went!
 Joyful was checking out the yard-- anything good smelling there?
Joyful has had some syncope (fainting) episodes, and also some seizures.   She is on medicine to make sure she is not in pain and to help her arthritis and her heart.   She seems determined to stay with us, and her foster mom is giving her all the care she needs.   I can't wait to see how Sherry dresses her up for Halloween!


LadyJicky said...

Oh my .... Joyful is looking so beautiful !
That girl is a Fighter!!!
Sherry looks after her so well and it shows :)

Lost Earring said...

My heart fills with such love when I see little Joyful Grace braving out her physical problems and her will to stay with us all.

Love the little girl so much.

Unknown said...

First time I saw Joy I wanted to love and care for her. She is really looking great. Happy for her and her humans.thank you so very much for all those that took care of this little angel