Tuesday, October 25, 2016


 This little girl was in a Maryland shelter.   I didn't know she was there, but on Friday, I received a call asking if I could help.    A rescue person was there (who I know has done Pug rescue).  She was there to pick up another dog, and she saw this one.  
 Jolene was a very neglected, over-used breeder dog who was "no longer useful" and she ended up in a shelter.  My friend asked the rescue person at the shelter if we could help to pull this little girl.   Since I know the shelter well, and it was an on the spot need, I said we could help be the go-between to get this little one to safety.
 As you can see, she's in pretty bad shape.   We've had dogs like this in our rescue, and we can help them.   They just need medical attention, time, good nutrition and lots of love.
 Darla, my friend, took her home and gave her a soothing bath.  The shelter had already given her an Advantage to get rid of all the fleas.   The fleas alone can cause the tremendous hair loss.   Imagine being that itchy!
 She is now clean, has good food to eat, and will be with rescue friends of PVPC.   We love being able to help these dogs, even if we aren't the fosters.   And working with other rescues can mean more are saved.
Welcome to a new life, Jolene!!  It only gets better from here on!


LadyJicky said...

Oh my Linda ..... I have tears in my eyes.
I am so glad you got Jolene and now she will not be "breed out" and left to rot!

If I was in the USA .... that girl would me mine!

Mimi said...

Thank you for saving this adorable peke!