Saturday, September 16, 2017


#1  Okay, here we go!!  We have cards to sell!!  Our wonderful friend, Nancy Ross, gave us cards.
#2  Nancy is an amazing artist and loves our rescue.  She has such incredible detail on the cards.
 #3  The cards are different sizes, but if you like one, just refer to the number by it and I can let you know the size.
#4  Some of the cards can be colored with pencils or crayons if you enjoy that.  I know a lot of you are so good at it!
 #5  My grandson would love this one-- a dragon!  A dog dragon!
#6  This little one got caught in the ribbon-- he must have been trying to wrap presents.
 #7  What else could you want-- a basket of Pekes!!
 #8  Pekes and bears-- even better!
 #9  Pekes with snow-- makes you want to curl up with them.  And you could color this one in your favorite colors!
 #10  We have a lot of Christmas cards-- we will be selling those now, in time for Christmas!
 The Christmas ones have either this, or Season's Greetings and Warm Wishes.
 #11  A Peke and puppy-- so adorable!!  I love this one.  It's one of the smaller cards.   (I think it is 3 1/2 by 5 1/2)
 The second greeting.
 #12  A beautiful Peke with Poinsettia in the background. This is a larger card-- 5x7.
 #13  Three Pekes-- ready for Christmas!  (smaller card)
 #14-- this is a black and white smaller version of the one below.  This one is 4x5 I think.  And it can be colored if you want.
 #15   This was a favorite when I sold them last year.   It sold out quickly.  (5x7)
 #16   Three adorable Pekes with ornaments.
 #17  Patriotic Pekes
 #18   Wouldn't you like this Peke for Christmas? :-)
 #19   A Peke in a bed of flowers-- I love it.
#20   Peke waiting for Santa in front of the fire.  The milk and cookies are ready!!
If you are interested in these cards, please email us at our new email address:   The larger cards are $12 for ten (includes shipping, unless you are overseas) and $10 for the smaller cards for ten.  You can't beat these prices anywhere.   All the money raised will go to our foster dogs' care.    

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