Thursday, September 28, 2017


 Floyd came to me as a hospice foster. 
 He is deaf, has a very bad heart, and a broken pelvis (in two pieces, can't be fixed).  His health actually seems to have improved-- he's no longer on pain meds, just heart meds now.
 I bet you think this is Floyd-- nope!  When Mattie was here, I had to do double takes all the time.  Their coloring is so similar, and they are about the same size.   (The same thing went for Kai Kai and Benjamin-- two red dogs. haha)
 He is an older boy, and he sleeps a lot.
 He gets along with everyone.   He is very mellow.
 He just hangs out in whatever space he's in.
 If I go out the front door, he waits for me.
 He can't do stairs, and he can't jump, but he's content to be carried in and out.
 Hanging out on the porch is fine, too.  When he goes out into the yard, he has a path he follows-- and he goes around the entire yard, from one side to the other.   He follows a certain path and he's very consistent about doing this. 
 If he's awake, he keeps an eye on me, so he can follow me.  Like most of the dogs here, he only has one eye.  We are very low on eyes in this house!
 He and Kai Kai can hang out together sometimes.
 He is a gentle boy and lets Sugar Bit give him a kiss.
Floyd is just a quiet little love bug.   His heart seems to have grown bigger-- in love-- since he's been here.  It's amazing how these little "hospice" dogs can just hang on.  He knows he's safe here and he's loved.   I guess he decided he would stay awhile. 

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LadyJicky said...

Kisses to sweet Floyd.... that boy knows where there is love and he is staying put! :)