Friday, September 8, 2017


 For those on facebook, you have seen updates on Mattie and Benjamin/Benny.
 Some of my blogger friends are not on facebook, so I like to update them, too.  
 Mattie and Benny are doing great!!   I always worry about them as they adjust, but I knew they would since they are so loving.
 And I loved their adopter, Rita!!   She is spoiling them-- here they are ready for football!!
 They got new name tags-- something I love them to have.   I send them with my tags, but having their new contact information is so important!!  
 Benny was thrilled to have his-- can you tell?  LOL
 They love all the walks they have now.  They curl up together, and are becoming more bonded since they are the only two there.
 And if mom goes out to take the trash-- how dare she!?-- they wait right next to the door.
 It does my heart good to see how loving they are there, how many kisses they give, how much they welcome others who visit and how secure they are in their new home.
Their mom is the best!!

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LadyJicky said...

That last photo says it all Linda ....... family :)