Saturday, September 9, 2017


I love the updates I get from Gizzy's mom and dad.   He came to them as a foster, in really rough shape and they did EVERYTHING to get him healthy!!   Here's the blog detailing all they do for his skin care:  Click here: Must Love Pekes: GIZZY-- HEALTHY BOY  Gizzy loves his "couch" above-- they alternate his car seats so they can be cleaned regularly, and so one is always in the house.  They call it his "gofa" haha.
Gizzy still loves his balls and is so good when his mom has to treat his feet and skin.
He's the perfect patient!!  He really thinks he is at the spa!!
Gizzy had a guest recently-- a puppy name Cherio.  Gizzy was SO good with him.   (The puppy naps in the crate at night when he would just get in too much trouble otherwise!)
Gizzy kept an eye on him while Cheerio bounced around and made a puppy nuisance of himself.  If he got too out of hand, Gizzy gave him an "authoritative bark and stomp in the puppy's direction."
"The puppy would stop dead in its tracks, hunker down and look at Gizzy with an expression of "Yes sir.  I'm sorry sir.  I'll calm down sir." 
The puppy was full of fun fun fun-- Gizzy had quite the time keeping up with him!
Doolin was not as amused as Gizzy was with the puppy-- "is he still here?"
Tim saw my blog on the eclipse-- so he sent me his version of prevention haha.
Doolin and Gizzy (and Tim!) donned their special inter-stellar communication helmets.
They did not to miss any signals that might come.  Oh, my, Gizzy is so cute!!   I love this home!

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LadyJicky said...

Dear old Gizzy.... he sure put that puppy straight but ..... I am not so sure about Tim! LOL
Oh Gizzy is so good with his meds.