Friday, September 1, 2017


 Gus was adopted three years ago on August 31, 2014!
 He had come into rescue in September of 2013, and was in really bad shape.  He was so allergic to fleas and was miserable.  His skin needed so much help.   Jeanne spent months loving him, helping him to heal.
 He was adopted and now lives in New York City!!   He is a city boy for sure.  
 We think he was 6-7 when we got him, but since he had been through several homes, we don't know.   No matter how old he is, he became "younger" once he began to heal.  He was always sweet-- super sweet!-- but a youthful spirit came out as he began to feel better and not itch.
He mom loves him so much and he has so many friends there.   Happy Third-aversary, Gus!!!  

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LadyJicky said...

Oh boy .... Gus is living the life in the Big Apple!!! So happy for him :)