Friday, September 15, 2017


 Duke came into rescue in January.  He had some emotional issues from abuse.
 But, if a dog needs a special place to heal, Jackie and Bill are the BEST.  They took this abused dog and with patience and love, he came to know he was loved and safe.
 We did not know if Duke liked other dogs, but he loves them!
 He had an injured jaw from the abuse, but it does not get in his way of eating. It just gives him a special, cute look.
 When he doesn't feel well (after a bug bite), he curled up in Jackie's lap for comfort.  
 He is best buddies with Oreo-- another one who was sorely neglected.  They have so much fun playing together.
Duke is looking for a forever home.  If you have a heart for a special boy, he may be the one.  

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Teresa Jura said...

What a beautiful baby boy ❤