Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 When you foster, your life takes on a lot of new meaning.
 The whole family gets to be involved. It is never too early to teach a child how important animals are.  
 Fostering means having the chance to love so many!   In rescue, we have foster failures-- and that is great.   It's also important to be able to let them go, because then, you can help another.  It's hard to do sometimes.
 Fostering means lots of dog foods and treats.  
 I can have so many here at once, and have had so many with food issues that I have to have a system.  I have four different foods I am using right now-- depending on the health needs of the dogs here (my own and fosters).   The water container makes it convenient to add a little water to foods that need to be mixed.  
 It can mean special blankets and piddle pads-- and extra bowls, too.  (Remember, no plastic-- use glass or metal.)
 I have medications organized in a container that is high-- out of child reach.  With my grandkids here so much, I have to make sure they cannot get to the medications.  (Also Clorox wipes are for cleaning the "dog desk" where I do all the food prep and medicine set ups.)
 I have dogs beds all over-- and I do a lot of "dog laundry" to keep things clean.  
 Sometimes, a dog needs a separate eating spot or a recovery space-- so child playpens are great for that.   (Special blankets made by Jackie are always a wonderful addition.)
 My dogs are so good when new ones come.  They know they aren't leaving.  
 The dogs don't claim certain beds-- they all share.
 Bella has taken Mattie's spot where the ottoman becomes her "dining room."
 With small dogs, and some with missing teeth, small kibble works great.  This is Hill's I.D. food/small bites-- a food I use with all my new fosters until I find if they need a special diet.  It's very good for sensitive stomachs.
 Starlight and Simon have Royal Canin S.O. food for bladder health.   Pekingese are prone to bladder issues, so this food is great for those dogs.
 Special food can mean special treats, too.  Allergy treats are good for my Chumley and Kai Kai.  The dogs with bladder issues have special treats for that, too.
 Tartar Dental T/D treats are wonderful for freshening up breath and helping to clean the teeth.   The dogs who don't need special treats get these.
 Simon is doing so well.  He has blossomed since he got here-- in fostering, we see that a lot.  I love it!  He has the sweetest, most loving personality.
 The Bits are great helpers.   And I can evaluate how the dogs are with kids-- if I have one who really is not good with kids, I either move them to another foster home, or give them a special safe area if the kids are over here.   It's about the best for dog and child.
 Max has been here a long time-- since he was 5.  He's 14 now.   He just hangs out on my bed if the days are too hectic.  He deserves the rest at his age.
 Furby was another one I had a chance to love.   He was in rough shape, but he is doing so great now in his new home.
And there are kissers like Mattie.   When you foster, you get a lot of kisses!!   Fostering is really a "job" that comes with a lot of love.  No pay, but lots of love haha.   This is my 15th year of fostering and I have loved it.  It has been quite an adventure.  

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LadyJicky said...

Your post today really tells us the work you Foster people do .... and its huge!

Very organized and to the point of the dogs issues and needs.

You are all Pekingese Angels :)