Saturday, September 30, 2017


 Princess Virginia is in her foster home now! 
 Ida and Toni helped to transport her to our area and to the vet.
 I brought my basket of collars, leashes and harnesses.  Thank you to everyone who donates these to me!  Any that are in good shape are wonderful!!  I found a purple collar, a purple and pink harness and a pink leash.  She is fancy now!
 She met a puppy in the office and was very interested.
 Then, on to Marian's to meet Winston, who is new foster brother.
 "Is she here for awhile?" :-)
 He was very excited and began to do zoomies!
 Princess was happy to meet a friend.  She looks small, but she is over 16 pounds-- and needs a diet.
 Yes she does.
Winston is doing great with her and as soon as she is fully vetted, she will be ready for adoption.   Welcome to rescue, Princess Virginia!!

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LadyJicky said...

Hey...... don't pick on the Princess!!! I need a diet too!! LOL