Monday, September 25, 2017


 Princess was in a Virginia shelter.   She is an older girl and her owner turned her in.
 She was having some health issues and the owner could not care for her.   But, we can.
 Jackie went immediately to get her.  I love our Peke family!   We have so many wonderful people and Jackie and Bill are part of that family.  They were an hour from the shelter and went right away.   We have others who will do this and they are incredible!
 Duke was mesmerized by her.  He kept licking her and checking on her!
 They all welcomed her to the yard and home.   And there's Gizmo in his onesie LOL.
 Princess is thin and only 7 pounds.  She has kidney issues and we're trying to help that.  
 For now, she is safe and cared for and we hope to get her well enough to find a forever home.  She is about 16, but we still want to give her life as much quality and love as we can.
 She has seen the vet and we are doing baby steps to help her, slow, but sure.   We want to fix it all right away, but care has to be taken when they are so fragile.  
She has explored every bit of her foster home-- her foster mom said she's "walked five miles."  haha  She has decided it's a good place and she's settling in.   Thank you to all of you who have already donated to her care.  We appreciate you SO much!!

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LadyJicky said...

I am so glad you have dear Princess ....... I love the seniors too and they bring so much love to your family. If you are tempted to adopt Princess ... please do.