Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 BeeBee and Nala came to me as five year old Peke sisters.  I thought they'd be adopted quickly. 
 BeeBee and Nala have battled seizures and IMHA.   They each wear a bell to alert me if they are having a seizure.   (Today, I heard Nala's bell-- I was upstairs and ran downstairs to check on her.   Was she having a seizure?  NOPE!  She was climbing on top of the kitchen table LOL.)
 BeeBee has declined a lot lately. 
 She injured her foot somehow.  And it hasn't been healing. 
 Nala has been doing better.   (But, we know IMHA dogs can change so fast.)
 I was soaking BeeBee's foot, putting medicine on it.   It wasn't healing.
 We have gone to the vet a lot.  My vet is so fabulous-- they are really invested in the pets they care for.
 BeeBee's infection in her foot traveled up to the lymph glands in her leg.  And that swelled and began to seep.  With IMHA, some antibiotics are not options because they can make the IMHA worse. 
 With no options left, she was scheduled for surgery the next day (yesterday) to flush out the foot and see what could be done for her leg.  She was declining and we had to do something.    So, I bathed her the night before surgery.  I know I won't be able to bathe her while she heals, so I wanted her fresh and smelling good.
 We went to the vet on Tuesday morning. 
 The surgery risk for her was high.   Her red blood count is low, too low.   So, it was a risk to do surgery-- but without it, she was not going to make it.  The infection was going to kill her.
 The surgeon, Dr. Evans, is incredible.  (My vet practice is amazing.)   When I received the call that she made it through surgery, I was so relieved!    I went to see her last night, and I visited with her.   I just sat close to her kennel (she is where she is watched all the time).   She was still waking up and sleepy, but she knew me.   Of course, I checked her tongue color, the indicator of how she is doing-- the more pink the better. 
 I looked at her incisions (without bothering her too much), and she has a drain in for the lymph node area.   The surgeon was still there and talked to me.   We were both really pleased! 
She needed to stay the night for monitoring.  I will bring her home today and she will continue to recover here.   We hope the surgery will help her body so that it has more to fight the IMHA with.  Getting the infection treated, removing some of the problem areas, will hopefully give her that chance.    We love this little girl and her sister.   ❤️


LadyJicky said...

Sending warm and healing thoughts and prayers to Ms BeeBee!!!

Lost Earring said...

The Sisters have helped me so much in handling my own rather serious health problems and disabilities.

Seeing BeeBee doing better and a chance to recover, however long it can be then so much better. And praying for Nala as well hoping she can continue getting her numbers up where they belong.