Thursday, August 9, 2018


 I began doing Peke rescue with Potomac Valley Pekingese Club in 2003.   My daughter was going to be leaving home soon, and she thought I'd be bored.   She was trying to help me stay busy.   I've never been bored in my life.  LOL 
 Cosmo was my first foster dog and when he was adopted, I cried half the way home-- It was so emotional.   His adopters have remained friends of mine.  Even though Cosmo has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, I'm still friends with his parents.
 In rescue, I joined a small group of foster parents.  PVPC began in 1988, so it's a 30 year old rescue group.   I had carpets on the floor, and I didn't vacumn, mop or do laundry (Peke laundry) much.  I now have wood floors and mop and vacumn OFTEN. 
 One of my fosters temporarily was a six month old puppy who had been hit by a car.  His eyes needed to be removed.  Louie (Potomac Valley Louie) is such a sweetheart.   He has shown us how dogs can adapt to so much.
 Cubbie Woo was a tiny puppy in distress.   He needed to be out of his home quickly-- in rescue, sometimes, we have to move fast to save them. 
 My daughters have been involved, too.  They've both adopted one of my fosters.  Granger, are you comfortable?
 Bumbles came into my life in 2016.  He was such a happy boy. 
 Kai Kai and Chumley have taught me so much.    Kai Kai had severe eye issues and so I spent a lot of time at the ophthalmologist.   He ended up losing both eyes, but he's still my sweet boy.  And with Chumley, I learned more than I wanted to know about HGE Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospital.
 My sweet Floyd.   He was a senior when he came to me almost three years ago.  I hope the time here was the best of his life.   He had a bad heart, so I learned about heart issues.  I learned about deaf dogs.   I learned that no matter what life gives you, you can still have a happy spirit. 
 Gracie Lu wasn't too sure what to do with my grandson-- he moved a little too fast for her. 
 Of course-- Starlight.  My girl.   Testy little thing who loved us and the children in our family.  We miss her.  ⭐
 Harley Marie-- beautiful little one.   Her mom came to meet two dogs at my house.  She first chose the other and Harley Marie dropped her head as if she was so disappointed.  We both saw it!   She was adopted!
 Max was a foster who stayed.   He's 15 now.  Several have stayed when they weren't adopted.  It was okay.  They could live here. 
 Joyful Grace was one who came into rescue for help and she made an impact on all our hearts. 
 Of course, there was sweet Abner.  He came to me as a 6 month old puppy who needed eye surgery.   And now he's a therapy dog! 
 Koko, beautiful girl, was another foster.  Shortly after she was adopted, she was diagnosed with IMHA.  I couldn't believe it.  I'd never heard of this disease and now there were two-- and with Nala and BeeBee, there have been four.   Koko lasted about four months after the diagnosis. 
 Lacy was adopted by a friend and she had a wonderful life with them. 
 I learned about blind dogs in rescue.  I had Blessing, a tiny one, and Leo, above.   Blind dogs see with their hearts and ears and he was adopted to a wonderful home.
 Lexie again.  My sweet girl. This was one of my favorite pictures of her.   I had her over four years ago-- she was the reason I learned so much about IMHA.   She was dying when she came to me and I loved her so much.   She lasted 13 months.   IMHA in Dogs 
She taught me so much.  I did a blog on what she taught me: Must Love Pekes: LESSONS FROM LEXIE
I remember Shadow so well.   He came to me  in January of 2005.  He had been through so much.   I learned a lot about bladder infections and stones from him.   I also learned how sweet a dog can be regardless of all they have been through.   After he was adopted, he mom sent me the funniest stories about him.  I saved some of them and they still make me laugh.  He was the best.
 Granger-Danger showed us how funny a dog can be.   He's my daughter's dog now and I really need to do another blog on him.   His antics are hilarious.
 Maxwell and Tyler were adopted and lived in Blacksburg for awhile and then they moved to California.  I adored Tyler-- I just loved him!  His mom kept me up to date on him and she began to do rescue in California.
 Lolli-Pop "Pop" and Bear were found together wandering on a street near me.  They belong to Kay and Claretta now.  Oh, Beau, that face!   Pop always reminded me of Starlight.
 Everyone loved Starlight.  And Starlight loved the Bits.  I had to buy two bouncy seats, so she could have one and Beach Bit could have one.   Starlight didn't love adults, but oh, she sure loved kids.  Starlight taught me about patience, and seizures (as did many others!), and how total love can be.
There have been so many Pekes at Camp Runamuck over the last 15 years.  Scooterbug (with the antlers and Cranberry (the bottom middle white one) were mine when I began rescue.  They went to the Rainbow Bridge.  So many I fostered are gone now, but the rescue made a difference in their lives.   
Now, I'm focusing on Nala and BeeBee.  Each foster has been loved and the rescue, PVPC, has done so much to make their lives wonderful.  I've made great friends who share a love for this wonderful, loving and sometimes testy breed.   I'm so glad I've been part of this wonderful group!


LadyJicky said...

Happy 15 years in rescue Linda !!!

I know you have seen such sad times but then..... lots of Wonderful times too!!

You are a Peke Angel :)

Lost Earring said...

I'm in awe at the number of Pekingese babies who found a new life through Potomac Rescue and I recall many of them through Must Love Pekes. Joyful Grace touched so many hearts and truly stole my heart. I look forward to reading stories about Granger Danger.

The Sisters stole my heart for sure and each blessed day that they have courtesy of Linda and Potomac is a joy to read about.

Rocco's blog said...

Thank You soooooo much for all you do!!! You’ve helped so many and made such a difference! Love reading your stories! I show Rocco (my PVPC baby) the pictures you share. He looks at them and tries to sniff them.

fairfax hoppers said...

Happy Rescue Anniversary! Thank you for everything you do and for sharing the Pekes with all of us.