Friday, August 17, 2018


 Chumley always had his dumbbell-- he LOVES it.  We have four.  I know where two are.  Sugar Bit has hidden the rest.
 Chumley is about 14 now and has been with us almost four years. 
 Max just turned 15!!  Wow.   In the winter, he gets a coat to go outside (so do the rest). 
 Chumley has allergies, so keeping his hair short in the summer (so his skin can breathe) really helps him.   Max, on the other hand, has hair like velcro.  His tail grabs everything in the yard and brings it inside.
 During the summer, these two get short haircuts.   My vet has a groomer-- I love them!!  And if there is a medical issue for any reason, the vet is right there.)
 They just had one yesterday.  Nala, I'm sorry, you didn't go.  But, I can do your grooming.
 Max is doing great-- he is a little less grumpy haha.  He doesn't hear well now, and his eye is "old" but he is still very healthy.
 Nala was okay not going-- she would rather play with her purse!
 Chumley has beautiful colors.   When he came into rescue, his skin was so inflamed and hair was missing. 
 But, we took care of his allergies (an on going thing) and we can see his markings so clearly now.
 The day wore him out (and he had a dental the day before), so he's ready for a nap.
 They both got matching scarves! 
 Love these!
 Oh, there's Nala again-- peeking (peking!) in.
 My handsome boys.   💙💙

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Lost Earring said...

Love hearing about the Boys, Chumley and Max. And how cute Nala staying at home with her purse.

Love these "catch-up" stories on the Maxwell fur babies and the Bits various adventures too. So much better than the national news broadcasts.