Friday, August 17, 2018


Smushie came into rescue in 2014.  He had been in a SC shelter where the owner had taken him.   He was transferred to a Virginia shelter where his hope of adoption was higher.   
He came into rescue as a heartworm positive boy, so rescue took care of him to beat this.   Heartworms can still do so much damage even though the treatment has been done to get rid of the worms.   Smushie later had heart issues, but he was also an older boy by then. 
Smushie loved people and was content to just be a low key boy who just wanted to be loved.   He had all that and more.  His parents, Peggy and Terry, took exceptional care of their boy, giving him everything he needed.  He joined so many others at the Rainbow Bridge.  I'm sure BeeBee, Lexie, Starlight and Floyd must have all met him.   Run free now sweet boy.

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LadyJicky said...

What a handsome man Smushie was and I know he will be so missed by his family.