Wednesday, August 22, 2018


 My friend, Melinda aka Lady Jicky, lives in Australia, near Melbourne.  It would be awesome to meet her in person.   We've been friends via emails for years now.  She found my Must Love Pekes blog and commented on it and that was the beginning of a sweet friendship. 
 It's been a very cold winter but the camellias are loving it!  Just look at them.
Melinda has sweet Coco--I think they are both so beautiful. 
Coco was a rescue and has had a wonderful life with Melinda. 
I can just pretend it's cold here and enjoy her camellias, too.  🌺🌸


LadyJicky said...

It has been a bitter winter here this year so enjoy your summer in the USA !

I cannot wait for spring and I do think Coco has been really feeling the cold this year too - well she is an old lady Peke now- 12 years in late November.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Nice to see a picture and face of LadyJicky (aka Melinda). Very attractive! And Coco is a doll. I need a home in Australia during the winter and summer months in the US. Then I would have two springs and two falls! Do you have a spare room for rent? Always look forward to LadyJicky's posts on the blog. Some are really funny! Nice to meet you Melinda! Is that your mugshot? LOL