Monday, August 27, 2018


 Minnie came in with Koko and Andy. 
 She is a sweet one, but very timid.
 We decided to see how she would do in a new foster home.   She would have a friend and we thought it would be great.
 Sometimes, things just don't go as planned and no one is at fault.  Adoptions/foster homes don't always work out, and we bring them back.
 Genise and Chip and I did the transport.   I had all my dogs with me, so I could visit my daughter.  Chumley met Minnie.
Granger was just hanging out in the kitchen.  He didn't care if we were all there.  
 And then Minnie met my old boy, Max, who is 15 now.
 And then she met Nala!   We had a lot of Pekes! 
 Nala and Minnie set off together.
 Gigi decided she had to meet Minnie, too.
 Oh no.  They're conspiring!  LOL  It's a Peke-Meet.
 We were having dinner with my daughter, so Minnie explored the house.
 It was time to go home-- and Minnie used Sugar Bit's car seat.  I had a doggy seat belt hooked on to it.  She could see out the window.
And then she curled up for a snooze once we got home.   She'll be visiting this week.  She is a sweet girl!  💜 Oh, my goodness.  I'm falling in love.

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