Thursday, August 23, 2018


 Jeanne's Pekes were being taken care of by her husband, Bill.  They also had Jill Lee and Hannah Joe.   It was a lot to take care of six dogs, so he asked for help.   Didi, above, was one I got out of a shelter near me in 2009.
 She was a little beauty.
 Didi, Jill Lee, and Sassy posed on a swing in their back yard.  (Carter, Hannah Joe and Jill Lee are still there.)
 Lucy came into rescue from a NC shelter and had a seizure the same day.  Jeanne helped to get those under control and decided Lucy  had a home with her.
 Sassy came out of a DC shelter.  She had a severe neck injury and that's why she had been turned in.  A delicate neck/spine surgery made all the difference for her and she had been with Jeanne so long that she stayed, too.  (We all have these foster failures we just have to keep. 😊)
 Sassy probably wondered where he mom went.   It was a little confusing after Jeanne died.
 Sassy and Didi wondered, too.  Their Dad, Bill, did a great job though. 
 When he asked for help for the three girls, we said "of course."   Paige offered to take all three to give them a forever home together.  WOW.
 They drove with Paige to Maryland to meet their new family.  It was a long day, and they rested after the drive.
 They are settling in.   Lucy is taking a little time, but she will adjust with the help of Paige and Dani and Didi and Sassy and her new siblings.
 They are together, and exploring their new home.  Sassy has that wide eyed look all the time.
 Are you ready for a new adventure?
I think Did is!   Thank you Paige and Dani for offering your wonderful home to them. ❤️💗


LadyJicky said...

That was a wonderful thing that Paige and Dani did --- three little Peke's together :)

Lost Earring said...

Tears pouring down my face. I can't say more other than what angels Paige and Dani are.

Mary St. Mary said...

Oh my, what a wonderful thing to do! Jeanne would be so happy they are all together.