Saturday, August 11, 2018


 Blossom (formerly Poof) came to me last November.  She was in my area and her owner asked for help.   She needed more care than he could give her.
 She had a bad leg, but it was too late to fix it.  (When an injury is too old, the ligaments have drawn up and can't be reattached.)
 She was a sweet girl, though, and managed to get around well.
 Her face was the sweetest! 💜
 She went to the Peke meeting with me and everyone loved her.
 She could work the crowd!   Did someone have food?
 There was someone out there who was falling in love with this special girl.  Michelle thought she would fill her heart after her Oreo had passed away.   So, Blossom went to live with Michelle and it was a perfect match!
Just look how far she has come!  Her coat is just stunningly beautiful now.  She loves her mom and her mom loves her back.   And to make it even better, Michelle is now a dear friend of mine who encourages me to keep on.   A perfect match in so many ways!  ⭐

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LadyJicky said...

I would fall in love with Blossom too!

Yes Linda ..... she was a pretty Peke but with Michelle's care she is Beautiful ... what a luxurious coat and she just looks so healthy now !