Saturday, August 25, 2018


 BG and Domino are two whose lives were saved through PVPC. 
 And Nala continues to have a joyful life== with her pink purse of course.  (Where did she leave it?!)
 Granger has one adventure after another-- he is my granddog, and we never know what he will be up to.
 ChiChi is old-- she was 15 when we took her in.   But, she is comfortable and loved because of rescue.
 Oh, no, it's Granger again-- in a bag.
 I guess it's better than him trying to paint!  Don't touch it Granger!!
 Kai Kai was saved because of rescue.
 And Chumley-- with all his allergies and health issues-- has a wagging good life.
 Max, at 15, continues to be a happy boy because of rescue.
And of course, Kai Kai and Nala-- cuddled together last night on the couch with me.   My friend, Anita, has done rescue for years.  She said to me one time the following statement and it continues to be so true.   Every day in rescue is a wonderful day!
If even one life is saved, and a sweet dog soul gets a wonderful home, it is always worth any journey, and it can be counted as a wonderful day!!


LadyJicky said...

I so agree with Anita ... one dog saved - wonderful day!

Lost Earring said...

What a beautiful tribute to rescue and rescuers who put aside what they were doing in order to rush out and bring a needy one into safety.

Of course looking at the photos of Pekes that I have come to love so much through Potomac Valley is such a joy. Sweet Nala and her purse, the Herculean efforts to give darling BeeBee a decent life, wonderful Granger and his adventures, beloved Kai Kai, Max and all the rest of the wonderful Pekes including the much loved Joyful Grace and so many others....all of the babies that have passed through the doors of Potomac Valley.