Sunday, August 26, 2018


 Chewy came into rescue when his owner gave him up-- he didn't have "time for him."   We were happy to take him in and he is with Sonia and Joe.   We were really hoping he would be a candidate for cataract surgery, but the retina test showed "hereditary retina detachment"-- surgery was not an option for him.  Retinal Detachment in Dogs | Causes and Prevention   After my Kai Kai's cataract surgery, his retinas detached also-- we tried reattachment, but it didn't work.   The ophthalmologist said some dogs are in-bred so much that these traits for eye issues are passed down.   It's unfortunate when this happens-- but blind dogs can have very happy lives.
Don't tell Chewy that blindness is a problem.  He loves to go for walks and he can set a fast pace.   He also actively plays with his toys, hunting them down when the mood hits him.   He doesn't like thunder storms -- but mine don't either!  He loves "his person" and will follow them around.  He is good around people and gets along with other dogs, as long as they are nice to him.
Blindness is just one part of a dog-- and there are so many other wonderful traits they have!   Don't let his blindness keep you from adopting this sweet boy.   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

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What a lovely colour Chewy is!