Thursday, August 16, 2018


 I received an emergency email from a shelter in July of 2011.  They had a 9 month old puppy who had been hit by a car.  The accident had impacted his eyes and they needed to be removed.  Could we help-- of course we could!
 Paige and Dani offered to foster and the transport quickly formed for him to get him to safety and surgery.
 He healed so well and was adopted.   So many will not adopt a blind dog.
 But, in so many ways, they are just regular dogs.   Yes, they may bump into walls some, but most adjust well and do great!
 Louie goes on a lot of adventures with his mom-- the beach is a favorite. 
 Balloon rides, too!  😆
 Maybe he will learn to play the guitar!   The paws might be a problem, though.
 Louie has great friends and many loyal facebook followers.    His best friend is Saffron. 
 He loves cats, too.
 Here he is with Skeeter.
Louie is one happy boy!   His lack of vision has never gotten in his way of having a wonderful, adventurous life.  He has the best parents, too, who loved him immediately and he has the best life with them.  (All of you know I have Kai Kai, who also has no eyes.   He is the best snuggler.   Blind dogs can give you so much love, so don't let that get in the way of adopting one.) 

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LadyJicky said...

Kisses for Louie ... what a beautiful boy !!!