Wednesday, November 28, 2018


 It's that time of year-- we want to see your Christmas pictures of your pups.  I tried to get Nala in a Christmas pose, but.... I put a fence around the Christmas tree-- but it didn't stop Nala from exploring. 
 Kai Kai said, "Bring out the Christmas pillows!"
 Granger was pretending to be Puppy Claus.
 And Max said the Christmas tree made a great scratching spot.
 Really, Max?
 It's time to get out treasured stories and read them-- there WERE grandchildren listening, too.  But, Nala totally loved the story time.  (This is a book I had as a child, and it's been read to all my grandchildren-- and a few Pekes!)
 Melinda sent me koalas and three of them are on the tree-- a nod to my sweet Australian friend.  (She is very concerned about what Yum Yum is going to do to her Christmas tree! 😃) 
 I have some Joy ornaments, which reminds me of my friend, Joy, whose whole house is Christmas-- there will be a blog on that along with her PVPC Pekes Ollie and Buffy!
 This ornament is of me with my girls was from 1985!  I love the memory ornaments.
 My Christmas star is up.  Oh, the memories it brings.   My heart is full.
 I loved this picture from last year of Sugar Bit-- now on to create new wonderful memories and pictures that bring joy.
 I love having grandchildren to bring out a child-like magic.
 There will be more night time pictures of peeking into the house.
 Granger's house looks like a Christmas explosion, and so does ours.  As everything comes out, it gets chaotic before the order of Christmas sets in.  (Order?  Who am I kidding!?)
 Chumley is getting himself ready to pose for Christmas pictures.   I looked over last year's photo and it brought joy and a little sadness because too many are gone now.  But, Starlight and Floyd, Pi and BeeBee would want us to have a GREAT Christmas.
Kai Kai said, "Bring out the Christmas afghans and blankets.  I'm ready!"  Are you?


LadyJicky said...

I do my tree and decorations on the First of of December .... I am still not sure with Yum Yum but if I do put everything up... I will photograph it for you Linda.

A shop that sells all sorts of pet products is having a Santa Paws photo this weekend (this is very rare in Australia ... maybe its a start ? ) and they really wanted Yum Yum to turn up.... we will.
Oh boy ... lets see how this puppy will take it! LOL

Lost Earring said...

I love the Christmas story, the decorations and the Fur Babies getting prepared for Christmas.

I'm reminded of Joyful Grace and the love she generated as she fought the good fight for a new life she got through rescue. Alas, she didn't get a very long one but she sure won a lot of hearts in her short life.