Thursday, November 1, 2018


 Sir Jenks and Mika did their super hero pose.  Superman and Wonder Woman were there to steal the show!
 If only I'd know my vet was in on it, too.  The staff dressed up for the day. 
 Dr. Meador (purple, who is Nala's main vet) and Leslie posed in their costumes.  (Nala is alive because of Dr. Meador's incredible care.)
 Melissa said it was raining cats and dogs!
 And Glen was scary!   Glen and I always harass each other LOL.  Love my vet!
 Ashton posed on the wall of paintings.   I love this wall-- except there is no Pekingese on it.  haha  (That's okay, they have a framed picture in the front lobby of some of our Pekingese.)
 Rita has been at the vet since I began going there almost 20 years ago.  She is so sweet.
 Gayle's pups were having a wedding!  I love it.
 Yoda and Chewbaca posed for their mom Aimee.
 What did you think of the trick or treaters??
 Chumley thought the kids were interesting, but Nala was telling them off!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT MY HOUSE!?  Especially after it got dark.  She was going into her super protector mode.
And this morning, she said, WOW.  That was hard.  She's going to rest today!

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LadyJicky said...

Wow .... what a fun Vet to go to Linda!!!

I got 4 trick or treat little kids visit ... Yeah!
Improvement on last year ... just my grand kids.

Halloween is slowly taking off in Australia but I do not think it will ever be very big like the USA.