Monday, November 12, 2018


 Nala and Minnie went to our November meeting-- the last one of the year. 
 Of course, she had her pink purse.  I've looked for more pink purses, because this one has holes in it and the stuffing is leaving.  I can't find them. :-(
 Amee had her house all decorated, so we could celebrate the coming season, and have fun just being together.
 It was such a treat.
 Yes, I liked this sign---
 Frosty was there to greet us.
 Mollie did not want company.  LOL 
 Amee's office was so festive.
 Fun wreaths were all over. 
 The mantle was decorated.  It was like a candy land there.
 The entry had its own tree. 
 The couch was covered in holiday pillows.
 And the Santas were lit up.
 This tree was in the family room. 
 And carolers were ready.
 The kitchen table had an elf who must have been searching for something!
 The kitchen was bright and Christmassy. 
 Even the laundry room was beautiful!  Who can say that about their laundry room??
 Baskets are up there.
 And a beautiful shelf was in the corner.
 Amee's dogs were there to greet us and meet everyone. 
 We gathered in the kitchen for lunch.  It was pot luck so everyone contributed.
 Just sitting there made us all want to head home and pull out our decorations.
 Ellie came to the meeting and tried on a new jacket-- I had so many extras, and I brought them to share with whoever could use them.
 Kallie is adorable, but Nala was a pill with her!   I guess it is because Kallie isn't a Peke, but really!  Nala, Kallie is so sweet!
 Sydnie was just watching us all.
 Kallie was watching us, too-- but with a different "outlook."  haha  She loves her daddy!
 Phoebe was entertaining us-- she has the cutest toothy grin!
 Minnie was worn out-- it was a busy day.  A two hour drive to get there, and then so much going on.  But, she just stayed close to me and then settled down for a nap.  Minnie is deaf and doesn't see well, but she knows me and stays close.
 Sydnie curled up for a snuggle with her mom.  (I think I have all the dogs' names right.)
We had so much fun, good things to eat, and just time together with our members who could come.  Thank you, Amee, for sharing your home with us. 


LadyJicky said...

Oh Amee .... I love your home and that sign too!! LOL
It just looks like the best meeting with lots of doggies and food! Yeah!

Lost Earring said...

I'm on a mission to dig through all of my sewing materials to see if I have any pink fur to make Lady Nala a new purse. Not sure I have any but I do have a big box of furry material left over from my teddy bear and Easter Bunny making days. The big thing will be locating and digging out that box but I'm on it today.