Thursday, November 15, 2018


 Mandy came into rescue last month-- we were told she had sight problems, but we can deal with that.
 We didn't know she was also deaf-- but we could deal with that. 
 We found out she had a bad heart murmur, and kidney issues.  Then, she had severe eye issues and needed surgery.  It was a "catch-22" for her-- she needed surgery to remove her eyes, but her heart and kidneys were not strong enough to survive the surgery.  The chance of losing her was high. 
 Mandy did not wag her tail, she could not find her way around, she didn't seem to have quality in her life-- and the vet said she was in pain from her eyes.   Our choice was surgery or letting her go.   After four of us having a long day of figuring out ways to save her, we realized we couldn't. 
 If we could make her young again... if we could make her heart okay... if we could make her kidneys okay... and give her sight and hearing.... Those are things we wish for, but know we can't do. 
 So, she was held, and kissed as we let her go.  Barbara and Ty took care of  her for a month, and she was safe and warm, and fed.   And loved-- oh, she was loved.  Sometimes, that's all we can do.  But, we did what we could and then we set her free.  Run free now, sweet Mandy.   We wish we had had you so much sooner. 
We love you, Mandy.  


Lost Earring said...

No words more beautiful than "You were loved Mandy" can be said. Some times letting one go is the ultimate act of love.

Expat Fledgling said...

Grateful to all of you for giving her the best care you could given her problems. I’m sure she felt the love, & is grateful for the release. Now she’s with others, playing in the fields of Spirit, no pain, & joyous. I know the pain of your loss, I just don’t know how you do it over & over. I’m facing losing Sammy, & am devastated by his decline.

LadyJicky said...

It was the right thing to do but ..... just so hard.
Mandy had love and care with you.