Friday, November 16, 2018


 Thurston aka Thursty (I love his nickname) lives in Massachusettes and has the best mom, Pati.
 He was part of the rescue we did in 2013, when his parents came into rescue.
 His sister, Thea, and three other siblings, were born into rescue.   After we got Cici and Harley, we realized we were going to have PUPPIES! 
 His brother, Bandit, was adopted by his mom's sibling-- all but one were adopted into her family. 
 Papa Harley and Cici were young when we got them and they are all so beautiful.
 His mom, Cici, was beautiful.
 Cici and Harley had the best temperament and all their puppies did, too.  We don't know where they came from, but they must have been loved.
 They were adopted together, so they were never separated.   We were so glad they could stay together.
 Thurston knows winter is coming-- he posed last year and was surveying the snowy scene around him.
I think we are all going to have an early winter.  There are SO many acorns on the ground here and that's a sign that the winter is going to be cold (at least that's what I was told).   They will all have lots of coats and sweaters to play with all their friends.   I'll be looking for winter pictures of your Pekes!! 


Lost Earring said...

What a great story to start the weekend for we Peke lovers.

LadyJicky said...

I did not know about the acorns and early winter!

Well .... no winter photos coming from me .... summer is on the way.
Still cool in the morning and evening and the poor farmers are fighting drought conditions all through winter and that will only get worse when the heat of summer arrives. The price of hay and feed is going up. I do not know how farmers do it ..... and I mean around the world too!

You are having terrible fires and I do hope they can get them under control ... its the time here to clean away bushes and cut down grasses on your property if in the country. Does help in Bush Fire prone area's.

Oh..... I have gone on a very different track Linda! LOL

Back to little Thea and Thurston....... how nice that they are in the same family and all together .
Just look at that Bandit floating around in the pool ! Bet its icy now!!! LOL