Saturday, November 24, 2018


 Nala reminded me I was slacking on her bucket list.
 Okay, let's go!
 We got in the car, and Nala had her seat belt on in my lap.  She took a snooze on the way up.
 We went to Yankee Candle in Williamsburg, VA.  It's one of their Flagship stores and it's big, and Santa is there ALL YEAR ROUND.  In the summer, he has on a summer shirt and hangs out in his "office."  (The book is there for you to sign if you were naughty or nice.)
 Santa was there with Mrs. Claus-- but you see, Nala doesn't like men much, so we saw Santa from a safe distance.   It was better for her.  And better for Santa!  LOL
 This store is decorated everywhere for Christmas! 
 We strolled around so she could see it all.   As long as I was moving, she was okay in the stroller.
 We saw snowmen, and little villages... So many people wanted to talk to Nala, but I didn't let them touch her.   She was safe in her stroller.   She is afraid of strangers, so this worked.
 After that, we went to see Granger, my granddog.   He was in his Christmas hoodie. 
 He was not thrilled!
 But, he is a good sport.
 We arrived home and in the mail, there was a present for Nala-- a Chewy Vuiton purse!
 She played with it for awhile.
 And she sniffed it.
 We brought some of the Bits home with us.  We all hung out in the playroom, and Nala was on her stool.
It was a full day for Nala and she was ready for sleep-- she curled up near me, but then we headed up to bed, so she could really get comfy.  What a great day-- Bucket list:  Yankee Candle, Visit Granger, See the Bits, Get a present!  A great day for Nala!


LadyJicky said...

A fun packed day for Nala indeed :)

A Chewy Vuitton ----- that girl should have done a "Un-boxing" like all the young ones do on YouTube!!!! LOL I would give her "a like" !

Tam Lewis said...

Yay Nala. What a fun adventure I’m jealous of her trip to Yankee Candle.