Saturday, November 3, 2018


This was posted on facebook and I wanted to share with my blog readers.   Many stores sell "special treats" for dogs/pets at Christmas/Holidays and you may be very tempted to buy them.   RESIST THAT TEMPTATION.   Many of these treats come from China and they are just not safe for your dogs to eat.   Some of them are soaked in toxic sodium sulphide, and washed with hydrogen peroxide to clean them and make them look better.  They are colorful and "festive" and in cute shapes.   Many of these treats are so toxic that your pet will spend the holiday in the vet trying to save their life.   If you receive these as a gift for your pet, say thank you, but NEVER give it to your pet.   Toss it.  It's better to keep them on the diets they have been on, the safe treats you give them (mine just get their own kibble as a treat, or carrots, and they love it).   Keep your pet safe over the holidays that are coming.   


LadyJicky said...

We get this sort of Xmas dog things too Linda and I never buy them .

We have had a supermarket recall of a dry food and when you see these sort of Xmas products for dogs they just scream ..... NO GO !!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

"A word to the wise", as my mother used to say. There are some safe treats available for dogs and cats.