Wednesday, November 21, 2018


 This will be our third year of the Joyful Year fundraiser. 
 Joyful Grace came into our rescue in 2015 and lived a year before saying good-bye to us.  She became our face of rescue that year and had such an impact on so many people.
Starlight was the face of rescue, too.   She was my beloved girl who came to me as a three year old Peke.  She died in her sleep last January at 13 years old and is missed so much. 
 Lexie was also a face of rescue, coming to me as a foster in 2014.  She was my first IMHA dog and she lived 13 months before the disease took her from us.  She taught me and the rest of us so much about this disease that claims most of the dogs who get it.   Lexie was a warrior, fighting with all she had-- she taught us determination and grace and love.
 Now, Nala is our face of rescue, fighting IMHA and so many other things, like seizures.   She is determined to win the battle, and we are doing all we can to help her.   She has a lot of health crises, but she is so JOYFUL and loving in the midst of all of it.  So, in honor and memory of these special ones, we dedicate this year's Joyful Year.
 Kasey and Melrose's mom and dad, Barbara and Ty, made a donation to this year's fund.
 Their sister, Ginny did, too.
 Fiona and Bill's Magnolia and Scout wanted to help!
 Emily's Newman made a donation.
 Doolin and Gizzy, Tim and Colleen's precious boys help us often.
 Lily, Brody and our wonderful foster alumni Abner's mom and dad, Mary and Chris, helped also.
 Rachel's Maggie has been helping us for a long time.
Midnight (can you guess which one he is LOL), Harley, Smudge and Elvis' parents William and Patricia donated to this year's fund.
Kay and Claretta have helped us so much.  Their crew from last year:   BG (Baby Girl), Domino, Pop, Tina, Maggie, Teddy and BeauBob.   

We will have Thanksgiving tomorrow and I am so grateful and thankful for all of our Peke Rescue family.   I will add pictures of all the dogs who donate to our Joyful Year Fund.  Thank you-- you are the reason we can continue helping the Pekes who come into our care.  


LadyJicky said...

Your Starlight was such a beautiful Peke Linda.

Lost Earring said...

I'm kinda teary eyed looking back on the Joyful years and what a mark each of the Joyful babies has made on so many of us. Each one made a little tear in our heart yet each one was so lucky to come into the arms of Potomac Peke Rescue.

Thankful for another year and Thanksgiving altho many of us have had a rough year, yet we persevere with high hopes for the coming holidays and new year.

Thanks to rescue operations we are familiar with here.