Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't forget the PVPC picnic in N.Virginia this Saturday! You can go to our web site for more information: It will be LOTS of fun! Hamburgers and hot dogs, desserts, and things for a silent auction. Like the cup above, which I had made with our PVPC logo on it. I also have four sets up coasters with our logo on them. And an apron! And lots of other things. So, come on, join us and have fun! Lots of Pekes will be there!

I spent Easter with three of the "Bits." They had fun finding eggs on Sunday morning.

And Drill Bit found a few of his own.

Of course, I took pictures of the Bits!

Beach Bit was all dressed up, too. Kids and dressing up for Easter just go together.

Some of the Pekes dressed up, too. Here's a pic of Reuben. He's at a shelter in Pa. The vet is amazed that with all his medical problems he is still hanging in there. He has anal hernias and is in kidney failure.
He was found wandering as a stray. The shelter and vet are taking care of him. He has his own special area in the office and is free to roam around getting hugs and love. He is never caged. Maybe someone will let him come live at their house for his final days. But, for now, he is being loved where he is, the mascot for the shelter. I think he had a very special Easter this year.


lady jicky said...

Sending our love to Reuben - what a guy!

I wish I could fly over and be at that Peke Party but.......

Moi Moi and I are off to the ROYAL WEDDING - We have Hats too! LOL

emilyp said...

Lots of hugs and love for Reuben:) I am so glad he gets to wander and enjoy whatever time he has left.

I can't wait for pics of the Peke party!!!!

Nicky said...

Reuben - what a sweetheart! Wish I could have attended the picnic. :( Maybe next year!!!