Friday, September 23, 2011


I want to wish my sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She's a year older, but we were raised like twins, always being dressed the same, and doing our birthdays together. She is one of my dearest friends and I love her so much. Happy Birthday, Susan!! (She's with my granddaughter, Bitty Bit.)

Becky was adopted several months ago. Her new name is Ginny.

Her new mom said the pictures don't show her fun and sassy personality. Ginny fits right into their family and her stubborn Peke personality lets them know she is entitled to anything the rest of them do. (Well, she TRIES to convince them of this.)

She doesn't like mornings, hates the rain (oh, talk to the Pekes here!), and attacks her leish like it's her arch nemesis.

She also thinks she is the best hunter of frogs. (My Cranberry is also a little hunter-- having brought Skinkx and snakes and voles to show off.) Ginny is cuddly when she wants to be and has even won over her "grandmom" who isn't an animal person. Don't you love these Pekes!!

Ginny loves to greet the neighbors at the bus stop. Her "baby" is always with her, and she cracks up her family by carrying it around. Her family adores her and are so glad that Ginny is a part of their family. I'm glad, too!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Linda!

I love those photos of Ginny and she looks like one happy Peke!

Samm said...

I am the person who found Becky and met the horrible man who had apparantly put her on the street. She stayed with us for 2 days before the rescue came to take her to her forever home with you! I'm so thrilled and happy to see her doing so well and being so treasured! THANK YOU!!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday to Linda's sister!
Ginny is beautiful and obviously getting all the love and attention she deserves! Love her dark face! Thank-you, Samm, for picking her up!!

Tdog said...

Well, it has been a while, but I've just seen these comments. Thank you to Samm for caring enough to pick up Ginny! She really is just SPOILED with love here! She has been so much fun and such a lap buddy -- she just wants to cuddle and be loved and follow us every where! Thank you again so much!