Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mimi was adopted in five years ago! She was turned in with her puppy, Mandy. They had been kept in a cold garage. Mimi was adopted by Abby in Maryland. Abby usually has big dogs, but Mimi came in and took over.

Mimi is very pampered-- a real lap dog and alpha, regardless of her size. This is so apparent.....

Here she is with three buddies. Notice the LARGE dog bed and Mimi is on her half. The other three dogs are on THEIR half, all making sure they don't cross the line. Mellie is the English Mastiff, at 125 pounds. Manning is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, weighing 135 pounds (he is the pillow in the picture). And Mitch in the back, is the white boxer and he weighs 65 pounds. What does Mimi weigh? Probably about 10-12 pounds-- and she has two other dog beds within two feet of this large pillow. Will she use either one of her beds? Not a chance!!


cby said...

A true empress.

lady jicky said...

I just love that last photo - dare I say it ..... Mimi is either a "bitch" or they don't like her perfume! LOL

Fiona Ross said...

I love that photo of Mimi and her minions. Amelia the Peke heartily approves. xoxo

Karin said...

Cutest pictures of Mimi "being the boss"! Lol!