Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is Kay and Claretta with their trail walking encouragers. Maggie and Vicky were two Pekes that could keep up with a friend's Kelpie.

Here are four of the dogs that Kay and Claretta own. Teddy, Maggie, Tess and Vicky varied in size and personality, but not in the amount of love they each received from their owners. Kay and Claretta also own two Dobermans (who think they are Pekingese, also). They adopted Vicky from a Peke rescue group in Geogia thirteen years ago, when she was estimated to be two years old. Vicky did everything in a hurry and her life was full of energy and joy. Even last week, she was out exploring her garden and running with her Peke friends.

Vicky was 15 years old and she was a fun loving soul and who helped raise a friend's Kelpie pups to be the great dogs they became. Vicky would go on trail walks with the Kelpies, and their owners. She led the way and set a pace that had them all huffing and puffing. That is the wonderful Peke attitude and leadership! Kay and Claretta are incredible pet owners. We are so sorry for their loss of Vicky, and Heidi (see August 17 blog) who died last month. Rest in peace sweet Vicky. Run and play together over the Rainbow Bridge.

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lady jicky said...

Oh sweet Vicky you had a wonderful life with such lovely people - I so wish ALL dogs had this in life :)