Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Monk (above) and Nippy came into rescue several months ago and are a bonded pair. They really love each other. They had some medical issues when they came (don't they all!) and are now doing really well. Monk was diagnosed with Lyme's disease, but is on medication and it doesn't affect his happy disposition.

Nippy has the cutest underbite I've seen. Their foster mom says that they are really good and love to romp around with each other. Nippy is more content to just be aware of the sights and sounds and Monk will chase the tennis ball. They love to also go on walks and don't pull on the leash at all or get aggressive when other dogs are near. They can be good couch potatoes also and watch TV. Both of them will sit for a treat. Monk bosses Nippy around a bit but he doesn't seem to mind. They prefer to sleep on the cool floor instead of their beds-- in the winter, they may change their mind. :-)
Both love their bellies rubbed and under their chin and sleep on their backs with all 4s up in the air...They generally wait to be invited up on the sofa where their blanket is...Great, easygoing personalities for sure.

If you are interested in this precious pair, just email us!

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lady jicky said...

Put them on a plane!!!

Love them both :)