Friday, September 9, 2011


First, I want to wish Robin a happy birthday!! She is one of our foster moms and she also does SO much for our annual picnic!! Have a wonderful day, Robin!!!
Oliver needed a new home about 3 years ago. His mom could no longer keep him and so we helped Oliver find his new home. He lives with him mom and human sister and brother in Maryland. Oliver turns eleven years old this month-- so happy birthday, Oliver!

He also has a Peke sister named Snuggles....

And a sister named Cuddles. I think she's hiding the remote.

Oliver is doing so well and is very happy there. He and his human brother play and talk to each other. His mom says that he is happy and loves them as much or more than they love him.

His mom said the Mr. Oliver loves to sit with her and that he keeps his Peke sisters in line. Oliver is the dog who she said has blessed them the most and loves them more than any dog they have ever had. We are so glad that this was such a perfect home -- it makes our hearts smile!


lady jicky said...

How strange - a female that controls the remote!!!

Linda said...

Melinda, you are so right! I didn't even think of that-- it is strange haha.

I love your comments every day-- they brighten my day!

Nicky said...

Very sweet pekes! Oliver rounded things out just right. What a sweetheart.

I think Alleen is right. Pekes are like potato chips, you can't just have one! :):)

emilyp said...

Yay for Oliver's home!! I love that his peke sisters are named Snuggles and Cuddles!

cby said...

Happy Birthday, Robin! Hope your day is extra special, like you!