Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Gracie had a visitor the other day. Little Bodie. He lives down the street and is a great friend of Gracie's.

He arrived with his mom, and found out if he got on the back of her chair, he could climb right up on the kitchen counter!

Gracie was amazed by his antics. She would never do something like this. She is too much of a lady!

Bodie kept wandering the counter.

Can someone get the boy off the counter?

Gracie would NEVER get on the kitchen counter. But, her mom says she does have many attributes of a cat. When she calls her, she lets her mom know she understands and will look at her for a bit and then (in her own good time) she strolls over as if to say--- "You called??" When they are outside and she sees something that attracts her attention, she stops and remains in a stop until she is ready to move. Her mom may be ready to move, but if Gracie isn't, no one is going anywhere.

Gracie also has a way of letting her mom know if she isn't happy with her. Jane went to lunch one day with a friend, and Gracie thought she was gone entirely too long. When her mom got home, Gracie let her "pay" for being gone. In fact, Gracie acted to unlike herself that Jane asked asked her if she would like to go for a ride. Most Pekes LOVE car rides. Well, Gracie was full of herself while they rode in the car, but when they came home she was POOR MISS PUT UPON again. Oh, this is so Peke-like!! My Cranberry can pull the same thing! Gracie also has SELECTIVE HEARING. Here's a story her mom sent me. "Generally, she can hear a pin drop, a paper crinkle, or a movement by me-- That is until I call her and say, Gracie, where are you? Not a sound and no movement. As I begin to look and call, I go to all the regular resting places and there are many. There are those out in the open, in the hall, in the foyer, in the doorways, and at the front door. These are her spots to check on me. Better than a camera cause she is able to track my movements easily. But of course when she hides these are not the places she chooses. So I continue to call and I look in the bed room, on the couch in the computer room, in my bathroom and finally in the guest bathroom and there in the corner is Ms Gracie, bright eyed and tail wagging as if to say that was fun!!! And I knew you were calling but I was hiding and when I hide I don't answer. Love those Pekes."

Jane would not take a million dollars for Gracie because she brightens every day of her life. Jane says Gracie a mess!! But, she loves her anyway! I think we can all relate.


lady jicky said...

Oh Gracie Lu - they just don't "get it" that you are a QUEEN!!! LOL

cby said...

Body elevates the term "Counter Surfing" to a new level.