Monday, September 12, 2011


Kelly came into rescue several months ago from a shelter in Maryland. She was pretty forlorn there and needed to get out.

Her foster family did such a great job with her that they decided to keep her! With them, she overcame her fears and desire to pick on the other dogs.

She relaxed and her hair began to grow out and she got healthy.

She has dog buddies there-- at first, Kelly was a bit of a bully, but now she is doing fine. I call this "little dog syndrome" when they think they are really the big dog. No, Kelly, you are NOT the big dog here. :-)

They have wonderful pictures of her on their facebook-- I love to check for new ones! Kelly loves to roll over in the grass. Only a dog who is relaxed will do this. I think she is very relaxed!

She has something on her nose-- "Can I get it now?"

Look at her now-- she doesn't even look like the same dog we got into rescue. She's beautiful!! Thank you, Flo, for doing such an incredible job with her and for giving her so much love AND a forever home!(If you foster for us, and fall in love, you have first option on adoption.)


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - Ms Kelly is such a lovely girl and I would foster for you too if I lived near .... second thoughts - I think my backyard would be chock a block full of Pekes if the fosters get 'first go"!!!! LOL

Enjoy your new life Missy Kelly!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty girl! Love the cheese(?) on the nose photo...too cute!