Friday, September 2, 2011


Jonah/Jojo loves his new family. I love getting updates! He is getting so much attention and loves his little tennis balls.

Before Jonah/Jojo though, they had a little Peke named Ming.

They had her from 1978 until 1995. Ming had a game she played where her owners hid one of her toys. They would show her the toy and then one of them would go hide it. Ming would look until she found it.

Here she is, all dressed up for winter. Once, there was a big snowstorm and they dug a maze for her to play hide and seek. She loved it. She knew she was a princess and a very royal dog. If you put something on the ground, she knew you put it there for her to get on.

Jojo on the other hand, would rather burrow under things that are on the ground. I don't remember him doing this at my house-- but it's great how their personalities continue to blossom when they are adopted.

Jojo is waiting for his toy here. He has many. :-)

Here's one of them. He will sometimes play contentedly and other times he is a whirling dirvish.

Here he is with his mom. She is so beautiful. When I met her and Jojo's dad, I loved them immediately. I love when my "gut" tells me this is a wonderful family!

And I was right-- and Jojo agrees. He had a wonderful home now and I'm so glad he makes sure his new parents send me updates. I love them!!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - the "gut" knows!!!

may you all have many happy years together!!!

emilyp said...

so cute!!! I love how happy Jojo looks!!