Saturday, September 17, 2011


I wanted to update you on Wilson, the Peke we just got. He is in rough shape and spent the night at the vet getting care. The good news: he is heartworm negative, his teeth aren't bad (so we think he is not that old, just in bad shape), his bloodwork is good (amazing!). He appears to be housetrained and is very sweet, always wagging. He is on medications for his skin and special shampoo, and once his skin heals, he is going to be one pretty Peke!

I read this blog called "speaking for spot" and today is puppy mill awareness day. Dr. Nancy Kay is a vet who cares passionately for the health of the animals. I wanted to share this blog with you. (Brandy, above, when we rescued her from a back yard breeder/puppy mill.)

This is Brandy now-- rescued from starvation and a beautiful girl now! She loves her foster mom.

She writes: "About the only thing that keeps me sane when it comes to puppy millers are those wonderful souls who reside at the opposite end of the human spectrum- namely those who work in shelters and rescue organizations because they are passionate about giving animals a second chance." This dog is Chubs/Pablo when we took him into rescue. In spite of the horrible conditions, some dogs are still so loving.

Chubs/Pablo is now a happy Peke living in Baltimore-- he has three dog buddies and loves all the adventures he can get into!

Our mission is the same as the vets who wants to be involved-- to help these animals. And with your support, we are doing it- one or two at a time. It makes a difference. Thank you for each one of you who stand with us!

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lady jicky said...

I have never heard of "Puppy Mill Day" but I think its wonderful!