Sunday, September 18, 2011


We took "Billie"-- now Mr. Winks-- into rescue and he went straight to Chris' home. No way was this little boy leaving there. He had a skin problem and with Chris' exceptional care, he is doing so much better.

A lot of his facial hair was gone, but with a special diet and medication, his hair is growing back and he is blossoming.

Lafite (left) and Lacy are getting better at tolerating this little puppy. Lacy even let Winks lick her ears. Lafite is getting too old for all the shenanigans and he just wants his own space. :-)

Mr. Winks loves to play with Bijoy, the hearing therapy dog. (see May 7 blog) They just play up a storm.

Bijoy loves it. He is so excited when Mr. Winks comes over and they get to roll around and chase each other. It's hard to tell one from the other with white fluff all over.

Lacy is keeping an eye on Winks as she plays with her toy-- does he want it? I'm sure he does.

Lafite stand guard from his window. He's in a safe place on the couch. I recognize this position. My dogs have adopted the same one-- there's something so nice about the soft, cushy top of a sofa.

Mr. Winks is taking his guard position on the floor. You can tell he's taking his role seriously.

He switches beds, too-- wait, this pink bed is Lacy's! I think position "is nine points of the law" so it's Winks' now. Don't worry, Lacy. I'm sure he's start another adventure and you can climb in. Puppies are like that!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Mr Winks is just a ball of fur and fun!