Thursday, September 15, 2011


I mentioned Dinah (Dina- rhymes with China) in a blog before, but wanted to give more pictures of her. She is ten years old, but she doesn't act old.

Her owners had her since she was a puppy-- but like we hear often, they had a baby. And they gave up their dog who had depended on them to care for her. I don't understand this.

A dog "becomes disposable" and in rescue, we do our best to make sure the dog never goes through that again. That's why our adoption process is extensive. We just want to be careful to make sure they have a wonderful home. Dinah was disposed of when it was not convenient to keep her. She probably wondered what happened to her world.

Don't worry, pretty girl, we'll take care of you.

And we'll find you that forever home you are looking for.

If you are interested in Dinah, just email us!


lady jicky said...

I don't "get it" either Linda - what happens when they get sick of their child or .... shock of shocks ... they have another baby!
Do they get rid of the first child like they did their dog that was with them a very long time!!! ????

*Dinah is better off with someone else and I really understand your testing for a possible new owner!

Karin said...

I'm thankful you make sure potential adopters will provide a loving, caring home before letting these pekes go. Your success rate is very good, so it's worth it.

With all your experience in choosing good homes, I bet you can tell very quickly if a home will work out or not, and have no problem declining an adoption considering all the awful situations you've witnessed these little guys come out of before being rescued.